Instilling healthy habits in your kids now will pay dividends for their health in the long run! When you go to teach your kids how to take care of their teeth, you might not be sure where to start.

So to help you model the behavior that will keep your kids’ teeth happy and healthy, we’ve decided to share 5 ways to teach your kids how to take care of their teeth.

  • Encourage your kids to brush twice a day, show them how, and explain why. The first step to teaching your kids a routine is to lead by example! Show them how to brush their teeth, including how much is the right amount of toothpaste to put on their toothbrush and how long they should brush. Additionally, always explain why! Your kids are much more likely to agree to your advice if you give them the lowdown on why brushing their teeth is important to prevent cavities, costly dental bills, and more. 
  • Try playing your kids’ favorite songs while they brush their teeth for two minutes. As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to brush your teeth for around two minutes at a time to thoroughly clean the gunk and food out of your mouth. Set a timer or play one of your kids’ favorite songs while they brush their teeth to make the time go by quickly!
  • Let your kids choose a fun toothbrush. By allowing your kids to choose a fun toothbrush that is their favorite color and might even be shaped in a fun way, you can help them make the act of brushing their teeth more fun. If they get to use a toothbrush with their favorite superhero on it, they’re bound to enjoy taking care of their teeth more than if their toothbrush is nothing special.
  • Remind your kids to brush their tongues. Although your tongue doesn’t build up plaque in the same way your teeth do, there are lots of bacteria that live on it and should be regularly brushed clean. Don’t forget to remind your kids to brush their tongues lightly with their toothbrush and toothpaste. You can reference these facts to cite reasons why doing so is important.
  • Teach your kids to floss every day by modeling it for them. Flossing is another integral part of taking care of your teeth, and it’s important to remember to teach your kids to floss daily as well as brush their teeth! Modeling how to floss with a short piece of floss or even flossers is an easy and convenient way to show them that this is an important habit to make. Check out this article for tips on the best ways to teach your kids to brush and floss!

Teaching your kids how to take care of their teeth may seem challenging, but these tips should help start you off on the right foot to make that challenging task easier! 

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