Most kids don’t necessarily associate dentist visits with “fun,” but we have stocking stuffer ideas that may change that! Instead of thinking of unhappy things and pain when going to the dentist, what if they were excited to come to listen to fun music while getting a painless tooth cleaning?

With earbuds, it’s easy to turn on your favorite bops and relax to some tunes while getting your teeth cleaned instead of listening to the whirring of toothbrushes and dentist tools. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for your kids’ next dentist visit! Headphones or earbuds are also great for coping with dental anxiety.

Another stocking stuffer idea is a fun-shaped stress ball! Great for alleviating any stress associated with the dentist and fun to squeeze and play with! Stress balls are excellent to have on hand in any stressful situation. And getting a stress ball in a fun shape makes it all the more enjoyable to play with, as well!

Finally, consider purchasing a chain puzzle for your child to solve at the dentist! If your child is focused on solving a puzzle while at the dentist, his or her attention is not going to be as concentrated on the pain or what’s happening inside their mouth but instead on figuring out how to solve the puzzle.

These stocking stuffer ideas are only a small sample of the creative ways you can help your kids manage their dental fear

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