You’ve probably heard the words uttered again and again, “Sugar is bad for your teeth.” But do you know why? If you don’t, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re sharing what exactly it does to your teeth and why you should consume less of it. 

One of the primary reasons you need to go to the dentist is to ensure that any tooth decay you’re experiencing gets taken care of. And sugar is one of the primary contributors to your decaying teeth!

When you eat sugar, oral bacteria can feed on the sugar in your cake, candy, or other sugary sweet, creating acids that chip away at the tooth enamel in your mouth. Your tooth enamel protects your teeth from bacterial infections. But it can wear away due to sugar-induced acids, leaving your teeth unprotected and exposed.

Without tooth enamel, the acids in your mouth can create bacterial infections within your teeth, causing holes to appear. These holes are commonly known as cavities! 

Minerals within your body and fluoride consumption can help repair your tooth enamel. But if your sugar consumption is through the roof, it won’t do that much good. Your mouth can only handle so much sugar at once. So cutting back on your sugar intake can help protect your teeth from decay.

In addition to taking fluoride, consider reducing your sugar intake, brush your teeth twice a day, and floss to make sure your oral hygiene is in good repair. To learn more about the effects of sugar on your teeth, check out this article by Colgate!

And if you think you might be experiencing tooth decay, schedule a dentist appointment at Hillcrest Dental by calling 931.552.2582. We have seasoned professionals that prioritize taking care of your oral health in a comfortable environment, and we have advanced technology to help us do that.

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