Developing cavities is never fun. But sometimes, it will happen. And if your dentist discovers a cavity, you may not know what to expect.

Well, when you have a cavity, it is because plaque has built up on your tooth. That plaque has then started causing your tooth to decay. Eventually, a hole will appear. Cavities can often remain unnoticed in their early stages, but that doesn’t mean it’s not causing any damage in your mouth.

So if you’ve visited the dentist and he or she discovered a cavity, here is what to expect:

  1. Schedule a follow-up appointment. After your dentist discovers a cavity, he or she will determine if your cavity is large enough to be treated to prevent further decay. If it is, he or she will probably recommend getting a filling at a later appointment. So you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  2. A filling will replace the void left by the cavity in your tooth. At your follow-up appointment, your dentist will remove the tooth decay. Then they will clean the area where the cavity is located and put some sort of filling in the void to replace the decay. This prevents it from growing and your tooth from decaying even more.
  3. Floss and brush regularly to avoid further cavities. To keep your filling in good order and the rest of your teeth happy and healthy, you should adopt a thorough flossing and brushing regimen to prevent future cavities

If your teeth are feeling funny and you suspect you might have a cavity, call 931-552-2582 to schedule an appointment at Hillcrest Dental! Our experienced and professional staff are committed to keeping your oral health in tip-top shape in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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