Bleeding gums are often painful and are not natural. Yet, from time to time, you may experience some bleeding in your gums if you aren’t taking proper care of your oral hygiene. 

Here’s what to know about why your gums are bleeding and how you can prevent it in the future:

Gums bleed when plaque containing germs builds up in your mouth. The germs in the plaque proceed to attack your healthy gum tissue, causing them to swell, bleed, and become sore. This can be quite painful and is known as gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, which is often indicated through bleeding gums. Brushing and flossing can actually further irritate your inflamed gums when plaque build-up has gone on for too long. But this definitely doesn’t mean that either should be avoided. 

Additionally, they can be a byproduct of Vitamin C and Vitamin K deficiencies, pregnancy, hemophilia, scurvy, and more. However, these are less common causes. 

To avoid bleeding gums, floss and brush your teeth and gums regularly, practicing a good oral hygiene routine. Healthy mouths will have less plaque around to cause build-up that makes your gums bleed. Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide may also help disinfect the bacteria in your mouth and reduce the risk of bleeding gums. And finally, increasing your intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin K can help you ensure that your gums don’t bleed due to deficiencies of either vitamin.

If you’re concerned about your gums, schedule an examination at Hillcrest Dental by calling 931-552-2582! Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists are more than happy to help examine your mouth and determine the root cause of the problem, diagnosing how to fix it.

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